College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (CALA), University of Minnesota

  • Date
    8/29/1999 (creation)
Related people
Robert Wandel (was created by)
Steven Holl (architect)
"With both its interior and exterior spaces, the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture expansion project will . . . [provide] a unified facility for the architecture and landscape architecture schools on campus. . . . the addition is centrifugal, with four obtuse angles opening to views on four different exterior landscapes. In compliment to the horizontal façade of the existing building, the new addition has vertical elevations at the ends of each arm which stand as virtual towers, "shafts of space" activating the campus site. The addition consists of two overlaid "L-shaped" masses with floor levels totaling 28,610 assignable square feet including a new library, auditorium, seminar rooms, office and studio space." - Cecilia, F.M. & Levene, R. (Ed.). (2002). CALA [Addition to the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture]. El Croquis, 84. The thin plan section of each arm of the new building allows natural cross ventilation and natural light for all spaces. The addition is built with exposed precast concrete structural elements and integral color concrete floors. The horizontal inner facades are developed in naturally weathering copper with 1" horizontal standing seams. the soft texture of the patina green weathered copper will have the relief of shdows of the horizontal seams. During winter, strips of snow will enliven the facades with sparkling white horizontal lines." - College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (CALA), Steven Holl. (2003, June). GA Document, p. 67. Keywords: United States, Minnesota, Hennepin County, institutional buildings, school buildings. Submitted by Sabrina Sierawski
2000s (2000 - 2009)
stone and/or rock