Coal Washing Plant, Zollverein Mining Complex

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Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) (was created by)
Europe->Germany->North Rhine-Westphalia->Essen
"The Masterplan of the complex consists of a band around the former historic site, containing the necessary new programs and functions. The former rail tracks will be maintained as public space, and will connect the main buildings. The sky bridges, which transported coal from one part of the site to another, will be used for visitors who can also visit a 1,000 meter deep former mine tunnel." --See:
"The Coal Washing Plant is converted into a museum and visitors center. The design is based on the existing buildings on the one hand and the spatial programs of the future users on the other.The organizational core will be the visitors center at a height of 24 meters. After riding the 60-meter long escalator, leading through a 'gangway' made of glass, visitors will reach the foyer high above the roofs of Zollverein, with a bird's-eye view of the colliery. --See:
2000s (2000 - 2009)