City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

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Scott Dobbe (photographer)
Santiago Calatrava Valls (architect)
This significant group of projects built for the Government of Valencia has taken form over more than a decade in Calatrava's native Valencia on a large site near the Turia, halfway between the old city and the coastal district of Nazaret. Many familiar features of his architectural vocabulary here take on spectacular forms - as is the case with his fascination for the form of the eyeball - which here dictates the design of the 7,100 square meter Planetarium. Set in a shallow basin, the structure includes a moving "eyelid" canopy and a hemispheric IMAX movie theater. The 41,530 square meter Museum, with its long, ribbed atrium hall, brings to mind the design of BCE Place, with its ample glazing and high arches. The last significant element of the composition, aside from the originally telecommunications tower, is the 44,150 square meter Palacio de las Artes, intended for musical performances in a 1,300 seat main hall, 400 seat small auditorium, and a 2,000 seat open shell. - Jodidio, P. (2001). Santiago Calatrava. Koln: Taschen. p. 50.
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