Circulate: Weinland Park

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Matthew Toddy (was created by)
"The design of this project is generated from the existing Columbus city street grid. The site acts as the intersection of the old city grid, to the south of Fifth Avenue, and the new, shifted city grid to the north. Overlapping these two networks creates a logic by which circulation is organized throughout the site. Furthermore, utilizing a strategy of cut and fill allows this circulation overlay to begin to split from and puncture into the existing ground surface, creating a system of ramps and pathways which react to the ground below. These pathways become anchored by the architecture, which is organized according to existing site conditions. In Weinland Park, Fifth Avenue acts as a commercial corridor, while civic amenities are organized along Fourth Street. This logic is continued in the placement of the restaurant, wine bar, and florist along Fifth Avenue and the settlement house at the corner of Fourth and Fifth Street. The path connects the different program elements together, stitching them into one collective whole. Urban agriculture serves to fill in the void, with different gardens and agricultural spaces filling in the interstitial zones between the paths." --Matthew Toddy
2010s (2010 - 2019)
ARCH 442
Academic Class