Church at Marco de Canavezes, Portugal

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The Church at Marco de Canavezes was built for a rural Catholic parish, and is part of a program consisting of three main parts: the church and mortuary chapel below, an auditorium and Sunday school, and the priest's house. Natural light penetrates the church through three large upper openings (3.5 meters wide; 5 meters high) in the thick northwest wall and a low, horizontal slit (16 meters long, 0.5 meters high) in the southeast wall. The church has a nave 30 meters long, 16.5 meters wide, and 16.5 meters high. "The materials are typical of Alvaro Siza with the external walls of whitewashed reinforced concrete, internal walls and ceilings of stucco; with tiles or marble where there is running water. The floors are of wood, granite and marble. The roof is of zinc sheeting. Local construction techniques were used to reduce costs." -- Keywords: Portugal, Iglesia Marco de Canavezes, Marco de Canavezes, ceremonial and/or religious structures. Submitted by Timothy Crowther, recipient of the 2005 Whitaker Travelling Fellowship.
1990s (1990 - 1999)
reinforced concrete construction