Children's Therapeutic Garden, Wellesley, Massachusetts

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Jason Kentner (was created by)
Reed Hilderbrand Associates Inc. (landscape architect)
"A garden for the treatment of children with trauma-related behavioral disorders, at the Institute for Child and Adolescent Development in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Through nonverbal engagement with the garden, therapists help children repair their inner tools for the expression and mastery of basic emotions. A water course weaves through a series of spaces that mirror stages of recovery. Reshaped topography offers a cave-like ravine for the security of home base, an upland wooded plateau for exploration, a mountain for climbing, an island for solitary recreation, a pond for discovery, steep and shallow slopes for challenge, and a large sunny glade for running and playing." - Keywords: grounds, planned landscapes, children's institute.
1990s (1990 - 1999)
herbaceous plants
deciduous trees