Chemical Engineering Building (Koffolt Laboratories), The Ohio State University

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The Chemical Engineering Building is located at 140 West 19th Avenue. It is listed as Herrick ID: 145. It was officially named "The Chemical Engineering Building" by Board of Trustees on November 11, 1965. It was built as "College of Engineering, Chemical Engineering Building." The Board of Trustees on October 1, 1976 named this building "Joseph H. Koffolt Laboratories." It is a reinforced concrete frame structure with brick exterior. It has a basement and 5 stories. No additions have been noted, however, Building 151 (Fontana Laboratories / Chemical Engineering Building) was constructed as an addition to Building 145. 1960 Architect for Building: Small, Smith, Reeb and Draz 1960 General Contractor for Building: Baker and Coombs, Inc.
1960s (1960 - 1969)
reinforced concrete construction