Central Park Zoo, New York City

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since the 1860's
"Since the 1860's, animals could be found at Fifth Avenue and 64th Street in Central Park. At first, the collection was simply a growing group of donated animals - from 72 "white swans" to a black bear cub. In 1864, the State Legislature authorized the city Parks Commission to establish a zoo, and the more formal Central Park Menagerie was established. In 1934, then- Commissioner of Parks Robert Moses remodeled the Menagerie into the Central Park Zoo. A Works Progress Administration (WPA) project, this tiny "storybook" zoo set a standard for its time"-http://nyzoosandaquarium.com/czabout Keywords: United States, Kings County, landscapes (environments), complexes. Submitted by Lisa Cutshaw.
19th Century (1800 - 1899 CE)