Cathedral of Notre Dame at Amiens, France

  • Date
    5/1/1997 (creation)
Related people
Timothy H. Crowther (was created by)
Robert de Luzarches (architect)
Thomas de Cormont (was created by)
Renaud de Cormont (architect)
1220-1288; 1236 (nave); 1236-70 (choir); 1366-1420 (upper west facade and western towers)
"The cathedral is typically French, 137 m (450 ft) long and 46 m (150 ft) wide, with transepts only slightly projecting, and a sweeping chevet of seven chapels." Fletcher, p. 601. The nave is 140 feet high and was designed by Robert de Luzarches. The choir and transepts were designed by father and son, Thomas and Regnault de Cormont. Keywords: France, Somme, Amiens, ceremonials and/or religious buildings, interior spaces, windows, clerestory. Submitted by Natalie Martinez.
Gothic (1200 - 1350 CE)
stone and/or rock
stained glass