Castel Sant' Angelo, Rome, Italy

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    7/15/1988 (creation)
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Amanda Schlechty (was created by)
135-39 CE
"Built 135-139 CE on right bank of Tiber River at Ponte Sant'Angelo; originally mausoleum of Hadrian and Antonines; converted to fortress in the 5th century; site of Pope Gregory the Great's vision of archangel Michael in 590; refuge for popes in Middle Ages; made a papal residence in the 14th century; a prison until 1901; the main drum has a diameter of 64 meters and a height of 21 meters." -- Keywords: Italy, Roma, Rome, Castel Sant' Angelo, San Angelo, fortification, Aurelian Wall, views, ceremonial and/or religious structures, and fortifications. Submitted by Amanda Schlechty for INT STDS 697: Study Abroad. Italy Trip.