Casa Malaparte, Cape Massullo, Capri

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    00/00/00 (creation)
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Amanda Schlechty (was created by)
Adalberto Libera (architect)
Residence of the Tuscan writer Curzio Malaparte. Malaparte called it "Casa come me" (house like me) to relay its uniqueness and divergence from traditional styles in the area. On the North there's the Matermania cove (also called "Fundo"). On South it faces Faraglioni's back and Monacone. Keywords: Italy, Campania, Naples, Island of Capri, Punto Masullo, house, housing, residential structures, shore, cliff, cliffs, roof terrace, hillside, sea. Submitted by Jacqueline Gargus for ARCH 602.
1930s (1930 - 1939)
1940s (1940 - 1949)