Casa del Fascio, Como, Italy

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The Italian Rationalist building known as Casa del Fascio, now called Casa del Popolo (House of the People), is clad in white marble. It is square in plan and organized around an internal courtyard. "The original political purpose of the structure is expressed in almost literal terms though the battery of glass doors which separates the entrance from the piazza. These, when simultaneously opened by an electrical device, would have united the inner agora of the cortile to the piazza, thereby permitting the uninterrupted flow of mass demonstrations from street to interior."-- Kenneth Frampton "Modern Architecture: A Critical History." p. 205. This image shows the south corner (top) and north corner (bottom) of the model. Keywords: Italy, Lombardy region, Como province, commerical structures, office buildings, reinforced concrete, mediterranean, urban, modern, Italian Rationalism.
1930s (1930 - 1939)
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