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Bill Dunster (was created by)
Europe->United Kingdom->England
This complex with galleried studio apartments at BedZed was developed by architect Bill Dunster, environmental services engineer Chris Twinn and Gardiner & Theobald. Their Zero Energy Development (ZED) system offers "a coherent solution to the challenge of sustainable living within the urban environment. The ZED system integrates environmental social and economic needs and brings together proven strategies to reduce energy, water and car use." This innovative zero (fossil) energy development by the Peabody Trust, BioRegional and Bill Dunster Architects is located in the neighborhood of Beddington, in Sutton, Greater London. The Royal Institute of British Architects chose BedZED as an example of sustainable development for its summer 2000 London Living City exhibition. It has also won a RIBA housing award, winning 'best example of sustainable construction'. Keywords: environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, renewable energy sources, RIBA Sustainability Award, mixed-use, complexes, green transport plan, high density housing. Submitted by Robert Livesey.
1990s (1990 - 1999)