Beauvais Cathedral, Beauvais, France

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"Beauvais cathedral was never completed to the west of the choir and transepts, and the site of the proposed nave is partly occupied by the Romanesque church of ca. 997 known as the "Basseoeuvre". --Fletcher, p.605. Realizing that conventional orthographic and perspectival methods were inadequate and misleading, Choisey opted for a comparitive method and a mode of projection (Isometric projection) by which the essence of the construct could be both represented and classified. Keywords: Beauvais, Oise, France, ceremonial and/or religious structures, drawings and/or plans, Gothic. Submitted by Michael Cadwell for ARCH 802.
Gothic (1200 - 1350 CE)
Frampton, K. (1995). Studies in tectonic culture: the poetics of construction in nineteenth and twentieth century architecture. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, p. 59.