Baumschulenweg Crematorium, Berlin, Germany

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John P. Schooley Jr. (was created by)
"The building is in the middle of the old cemetery. The appearance of the unconventional-looking building within the cemetery complex is characterised by its cubic form, the exposed concrete facades on the longer sides of the building and the semi-open, covered front courts and ceremonious halls. On these front sides, the facades are generously open and glazed. The central focus and the spatial and structural nucleus of the building is the high condolence hall, which is as high as the adjoining three normal storeys with their auxiliary rooms. The hall is square in its floor plan and contains 29 irregularly arranged exposed concrete pillars which bear the roof structure." -- Kieren, M. (1998). Neue Architektur, Berlin 1990-2000. Berlin: Jovis. p.269. This image was taken in 2001 by John P. Schooley, FAIA, during the 'Berlin: Building the New City' tour. This tour was planned for architects and planners so that they could see first-hand how this once-divided city emerged from the Cold War to become a leading commercial and cultural center in Europe. Keywords: Germany, Berlin, Krematorium, funerary buildings. Submitted by John Schooley, FAIA.
1990s (1990 - 1999)
reinforced concrete construction