Arthur B. Heurtley House, Oak Park, Illinois

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John P. Schooley Jr. (was created by)
Frank Lloyd Wright (architect)
"The Heurtley house is clearly in the architect's emerging and distinctive Prairie style.... Except for several small stucco panels, the Heurtley House is built of brick and concrete. A low, hipped roof covers the entire structure. The house is firmly anchored t the ground with a concrete water table, used even for the low prow-shaped wall that protects the entrance. Two shades of brown brick are st in alternating courses. the mortar used in the vertical joints between the bricks is the same color as the brick, permitting the eye to scan the surface horizontally without interruption. The house has no downspouts, which would have added a discordant vertical element. the rain-water simply pours from the gutters to ground drains. Long bands of art glass windows heighten the horizontal effect, as does the low wall that extends the composition south to the lot line. the chimney, very low and wide, uses the same brick as the house" Cannon, P. F. (2006). Hometown Architect: the complete buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park and River Forest, Illinois. San Francisco: Pomegranate. p.79
1900s (1900 - 1909)
Prairie School