Architectural DRAMAnade

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Alexander Jackson (was created by)
S. Beth Blostein (studio professor)
Spring 2015
The Architectural Dramanade is a contemporary play on the more traditional architectural promenade. The dramanade presents a series of differing atmospheric qualities, ranging from wide open spaces, to Gothic-like ceiling heights, to mere glass walkways. This bizarre circulation system caters itself to the Opera audience, weaving and carving away the existing office stump. More than just a simple intervention, the dramanade acts as a character within the building, ultimately creating and terminating into a courtyard-like atrium and Opera House that resides between the office building and the artist’s studio above and around this theater. To the office workers, the dramanade acts as a foreign invaders. To the artists, a way of transporting those special few with an individual dramanade to their own studios. Contrasting the dramatic artists’ studios, conventional apartments surround the fly-space, creating a new regard for convention. From those that work in the office, to the patron of opera, and to the artist residing in and around the dramatic spaces the Architectural Dramanade amplifies each experience that transpires inside this speculation on the Live|Work (+Play) model.
2010s (2010 - 2019)
ARCH 3420
Academic Class