Arch of Titus, Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy

Forum: 7th century BCE-7th century CE; Arch c. 81 CE
The Arch of Titus is a triumphal arch that commemorates the victory of the emperors Vespasian and Titus in Judea in 70 CE. The arch was erected sometime after the death of Titus in 81 CE. It is situated at the E. entrance to the Forum Romanum, on the Via Sacra, south of the Temple of Venus and Rome, close to the Colosseum. The Arch of Titus is a single arch, measuring 15.4m in height, 13.5m in width and 4.75m in depth, originally constructed entirely in Pantelic marble, with four semi-columns on each side. The Forum Romanum was the political and economic center of Rome during the Republic_access; it held many of the central political, religious and judicial buildings in Rome. It is located in a valley between Capitoline Hill on the west, Palatine Hill on the south, the Velia on the east, and Quirinal Hill and the Esquiline Hill to the north.
stone and/or rock