Aqua Magica, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

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Heide Martin (photographer)
Henri Bava (landscape architect)
Agence Ter (was created by)
Aqua Magica was created for a regional garden show in Bad Oeynhausen and Lohne in Eastern Westphalia, Germany. It is an attempt to redefine the notion of a horticultural show. Agence Ter chose water as their theme for the exhibition. The water found on site is healing and has given rise to thermal spas and clinics. The firm made the unseen water visible by designing a water crater, which can be accessed by going 18 meters below the ground level. A ramp and a stairway leads you into the sunken garden from the ground level. The sunken garden is planted with Amelanchiers. From here the visitors continue along beneath the trees to the center of the garden. This features the tops of gigantic walls made of Cor-Ten steel that line up the crater. The inside walls of the crater are faced with gabions. Bava, Henri. "Magisches Wasser in Ostwestfalen = Magical water in Westphalia." Topos: European Landscape Magazine. 32 (2000): 62-64 Bava, Henri. "Henri Bava." Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes. 23.2 (2003): 102-112
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