Akron Senior Center Akron, Alabama

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Rural Studio, a program offered through Auburn University's School of Architecture, was started by Samuel Mockbee and a fellow professor, D.K. Ruth in the early 1990's. The studio offered students a way to use design to improve the lives of impoverished rural Alabama residents. Many of the projects use recycled materials. Rural Studio has continued at Auburn University despite the death of Samuel Mockbee in December, 2001. The Senior center was designed and built by fifth-year students as a studio project in 2001. They found that there were ninety-eight elderly people living in a twenty-five mile radius of Akron. Using an old abandoned retail story in Akron's downtown, they created spaces with in that could hold games, social events and activities geared toward the special needs of the elderly. The front door was specially designed and donated by a company that produces bi-fold aircraft hanger doors. When open the door forms an entrance canopy. A 350-square-foot glass-enclosed front porch was added as well. Keywords: United States, Alabama, Hale County, Akron, recreation centers, senior centers, community centers, exterior views, recreation centers, brick, safety glass, hardwood floors, hardwood. Submitted by Robert Wandel.
2000s (2000 - 2009)
safety glass
wood (hardwood or softwood)