Academy Library, Phillips Exeter Academy

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"At first it seems to be a relatively simple building. Its rectangular facades appear to be regulary punctured by rectangular windows and it is the same on all four sides. A 'pseudo-arcade' reminiscent of a monastery cloister runs around the bottom and the entrance is off this, on one side. From there the reader ascends one of two symmetrical curved stairs to the catalogue room in the centre of the library, a space that rises through its complete height, allowing the books to be glimpsed through the massive concrete circles of the internal structure." - Campbell, p.279. In 1995, the library was officially named the Class of 1945 Library. It has a shelf capacity of 250,000 volumes. Keywords: brick, masonry unit construction, United States, New Hampshire, Rockingham County, Phillips Exeter Academy. Submitted by Keoni Fleming for ARCH 627
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deciduous trees
wood (hardwood or softwood)
Campbell, James W.(2003). Brick: A World of history. London: Thames & Hudson. p. 278