Aalborg Aqua Center, Aalborg, Denmark

  • Date
    5/19/1996 (creation)
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PLOT (was created by)
PLOT (architect)
The Aqua Center is a traditional pool turned inside out --rather than locating the wet element within dry architecture, the three pools (for diving, relaxing and playing) are connected by a 150-meter-long canal. The ends of the canal are joined in a circle like a running track in a stadium. The pools form a circular lake with an island in the middle. All other program elements, such as a restaurant, dressing rooms, and thermal baths span across the circle like beams in a roof. PLOT was founded in 2001 by architects Bjarke Ingels and Julien De Smedt. Keywords: Aalborg, Alborg, llborg, Denmark, recreation structures, commercial structures. Submitted by Bjarke Ingels for PLOT for the KSA Lecture Series, Winter 2006.
2000s (2000 - 2009)