40 Bond Street, New York City

Related people
Robert Wandel (was created by)
Jacques Herzog (was created by)
Pierre de Meuron (architect)
Herzog and de Meuron (was created by)
Herzog says of 40 Bond Street: "We like radical positions and we try to offer them. The idea of gates came to us first. It gave us a signature, a scale and an individuality. The gates introduce the scale of the townhouses. The question was what kind of structure or grid or image would they have on them. We tested different things and most of them looked too traditional but we then came up with the idea of something very chaotic which we thought could be seen as coming from urban street culture, where graffiti is part of the landscape. So we took graffiti and manipulated it on the computer, the result is radical but it was a classical process of transformation." -- http://www.40bond.com/hdem_content.html The 11-story building contains 27 apartments with terraces, five townhouses with private front entrances and rear gardens and a triplex penthouse. It is a poured concrete structure, wrapped in blackened copper and luminescent curved glass. The glass facade has structural elements wrapped in cast glass.
2000s (2000 - 2009)
reinforced concrete construction
copper and brass