165 Charles Street, New York City

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Robert Wandel (was created by)
Richard Meier (was created by)
".. this 16-story building has been designed to accommodate a range of apartment configurations. With the exception of the lower two floors and the penthouse, the building is divided by a central spine into a pair of two-bedroom apartments per floor. ... The front part of each is organized freely about an island kitchen unit, which allows the living volume to flow into an adjacent study space that may also be used as a dining area. Both the bedrooms, each with a bath, open off the gallery running along the central spine. On the second floor, there are four one-bedroom apartments, each with a double-height living/dining room. As a consequence of this variation, the third floor area is reduced, but this displacement leaves sufficient space for a pair of one-bedroom apartments facing north and south respectively, together with two studio apartments at the eastern end of the plan. Apart from the common crystalline syntax, the elevations of this residential block differ significantly from the plastic character of the Perry Street development, above all in the absence of inset balconies and in the surface treatment of the elevator/stair tower. ..." -- http://www.richardmeier.com/PROJECTS/Charles.html
2000s (2000 - 2009)