Different Perspectives

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Noah Nicolette (designer)
Zelig Fok (studio professor)
Autumn 2021
Different Perspectives is an art gallery located at Storm King Art Center in New York that investigates the fragile relationship between photography and architecture. The project uses photographs from Peter Eisenman’s House VI to derive its architectural form. These House VI photographs are famous for documenting the same few rooms in different ways, with different furniture staging. The result appears as if the house has more rooms than it actually does, despite the fact that several areas were not even photographed in the first place. As we know, photographs flatten their subjects in space. When these photographs are modeled in an orthographical view, photographic tectonics such as image frame, focal length, and perspective must be faked to match the photograph. This results in peculiar spaces with slanted floors and ceilings, exaggerated depth, odd corners and edge conditions, and deceptively scaled furniture. The resultant geometry is then placed back into House VI’s original floor plan. The blind spots of the house that were not included in the original photographs provide opportunity to fill the project with necessary normative programming; such as the cafeteria, or restrooms.