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Hager Nageb (designer)
Dominic Sonby (designer)
Alex Warner (designer)
Erik Herrmann (studio professor)
Beth Blostein (studio professor)
Autumn 2021
We are Interested in exploring three levels of temporary domesticity to cater and engage various social groups. We employ three different levels of domestic program including hotel, hostel, and apartments. These dwellings mediate through a tradeoff system that is produced by our formal technique of shearing and compression. This offsets the typical hierarchy found within a conventional hotel. By shearing a regular stack consisting of normative hotel floors and alternating public space we were able to produce communal space that addresses accessibility in relation to the level of privacy within each room type. The organization of the stack is through chunks that are offset by the introduction of static public space. The public space resets each chunk, a chunk consisting of one public program, a normative plan, and atypical room configuration based on the system of shearing. The shearing of the floor plates and columns gave us the opportunity to compress or expand the normative hotel room, introducing the different domestic programs that now fit that space. Our public spaces accommodate for the intersection of various individuals within the city outside and those within the hotel. The interconnectedness and intermingling of the individuals staying at the hotel happen through the communal spaces produced on each floor by the shearing of the stack. The compression and expansion of the rooms that were altered by the sheared stack create situations where the hotel rooms neighbor apartments neighbor hostel rooms. We point out these social spaces through the colored figures in our drawings. In essence our project hopes to create a level of porosity of space and social engagement on the part of various individuals and groups of people, captivating the microcosm of the community within the hotel and city at large.