Oxley Hall

Oxley Hall, Homer D. Lytle (image courtesy of Larry McCulloch)
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Homer D. Lytle (related to)
Four of the photos in this collection feature period cars, and here a contemporary touring car occupies the foreground with Oxley Hall’s west side behind it. The exposure and focus of this plate provide some insight into the details behind Oxley, where it is clear that the student housing that currently occupies this block between 11th and 12th on Neil Ave. had yet to be built. The houses to the south of this location, seen on the lower right side of the image, have since been replaced by a parking deck. A final notable detail is the silver mirroring along the left edge of the image, a common form of degradation in gelatin dry plate negatives. Silver mirroring is the result of silver image particles oxidizing, creating a shiny reflective layer and replacing the particles that gave the image its detail.