Drifting Land

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Yuming Hsu (designer)
Jake Boswell (studio professor)
Spring 2021
The Audubon Park is built on a culverted land of Glen Echo Run which faces extremely flooding due to impervious urbanization. It will function as a water intercept. This project also aims to retrieve the interaction between human and water. The new water surface presents above the underground culvert. The standing swales and filter ponds set as a new water system to purify and mediate water. The pumping system with a screw pump and air bed playground helps to introduce the water into the park. Besides, the architectural and linear tree forms alongside the water system create new interaction but reinforce enclosure simultaneously. The new interpretation of the flowing process is embedded. -- To transcend the limit, this project brings the new imagination of how the park can be community-engaging with seasonality. The filter pond will be frozen in winter, transforming into a skating rink. The convection created by ponds will also change the microclimate periodically. Moreover, the new cottonwoods will be planted around the old ones. With the successional change, the cotton alley will be broadened and become a community area. This mediating process gradually demonstrates the ongoing history here in Audubon.
Landscape Architecture
LARCH 6920