Audubon Park Water Garden

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Jamie Schmotzer (designer)
Jake Boswell (studio professor)
Spring 2021
This project takes place within a neighborhood park where there is currently a stream buried underground. The design begins with daylighting that stream and retaining the water on site. Additionally, the current site has an alle of cottonwood trees that runs through the center of the park. These cottonwoods were preserved in the design and in doing so, the site was divided into two halves. The northern half of the site contains the stormwater infrastructure and the southern half of the site contains more active recreation spaces for the community with open lawns and river birch alles. In terms of stormwater functionality, the intention of the design was to create different textures or movements of water as it flows east to west throughout the park. The buried stream first outlets into a reflection pool area where the water is still and calm. Then the water flows through a series of boulders that disrupt the water flow and create contrast to the stillness of the reflection pool. Finally, the water flows into the westernmost portion of the project where large mounds channelize the water into a series of pools and where excess water can return to the buried pipe network.
Landscape Architecture
LARCH 6920