Floating Deck

Related people
Tong Lin (designer)
Karla Trott (studio professor)
Jesse Hartman (studio professor)
Jason Kentner (studio professor)
Spring 2019
North and Central America->United States->Ohio->Franklin (county)->Worthington->Rush Creek (neighborhood)
This was a student project by Tong Lin for Jason Kentner, Jesse Hartman and Karla Trott's course LARCH 3950 in Spring 2019.
The idea of the design is based on the story 'Alice in Wonderland' - a world with eccentric and unexpected characters. The "floating deck" is one of the structure that designed for the two young girls as a secret performance stage. The design used existing condition in the site and anchor into the tree using attachment bolt which make the deck "floating" in the forest. The "floating deck" not only can used as a performance stage, but also functions as a bench for the girls to site and relax. The structure used simple locking system which is easy to assemble - by simply folding the hinge in the middle. half of the surface will convert to the back and lock to the base of the bench.

Project Location: Rush Creek Neighborhood, Worthington, Ohio
Landscape Architecture
LARCH 3950
Academic Class