Conquer Detroit

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Micah Stidham (designer)
Benjamin Wilke (studio professor)
Spring 2019
North and Central America->United States->Michigan->Detroit
This was a student project by Micah Stidham for Ben Wilke's course ARCH 8420 in Spring 2019.
Conquer Detroit overlays the typical layout of the Roman military camp, Castrum, onto the city of Detroit at four different scales. Grafting the old and the new systems together create new environments which form as the result of the spatial qualities inherent with each scale. This use of scale and overlay developed from the original Roman Castrum. Historically, the Castrum was very flexible and could expand or contract based on the size of the army. It was also very adaptable, changing to fit the terrain of many different sites. After their initial use, Castrum often developed into permanent cities or became ruins slowly erased by new highways and farmland. Conquer Detroit looks at the ideas of scale and overlay in new ways. Each site becomes a synergy that makes unique and unexpected environments possible.

Project Location: Detroit, Michigan
ARCH 8420
Academic Class