Wetlandia: Final Report

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    Wetlandia: Final Report
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North and Central America->United States->Ohio->Franklin (county)->Columbus
The Wetlandia vision will accommodate for both new development and the preservation of existing rural character and environmentally sensitive areas. It will serve as a transition zone between the edge of the City of Columbus and the rural areas starting west of Hellbranch Run.
New residential development will embrace the natural characteristics of the watershed without significant disruption of the existing natural systems. Housing located either on or adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas will become conservation development using numerous low impact development standards and be developed as “conservation clusters”. Future land use will continue existing uses in areas already developed and envision the future use of open space and agriculture as either conventional suburban development or conservation development. This depends on whether the use is located in environmentally sensitive areas as cited in the Darby Accord. All efforts should be made to create an interlinked system of recreational areas in conservation developments and areas prohibited from development due to their environmental sensitivity. This provides both a buffer for the natural areas and increases access to recreational amenities for surrounding housing developments. A traditional neighborhood developed will be planned east of Galloway improving its village character and taking advantage of possible tourism traffic from the newly developed bike path, which will run through its core.
City and Regional Planning
CRP 852