Academic Core North: A Look into the NoCo Access

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North and Central America->United States->Ohio->Franklin (county)->The Ohio State University
The Ohio State University prides itself for being on the forefront for research and information. It has successfully established itself as leader inside and outside of the classroom, requiring hardwork from its students and an opportunity to advance themselves not only intellectually, but socially as well. The Academic Core North is where this happens at. With the densest area of academic classrooms on the campus, as well as numerous labs and workshops to serve numerous different disciplines, this where young men and women come to work.
The Academic Core North is home to an everchanging infrastructure, as well as efforts for efficient and friendly multi-modal transportation. Its highlighted by its large green space symmetrically dividing the district and providing a pathway from the northern residential area down to the historic Oval. Beyond that, the buildings are a mix of history and modern, highlighting separate disciplines in unique ways, but creating an advantageous work space area for students and faculty alike.
Over the past several weeks, the team has been researching this district of campus. They have rigorously compiled class work in coordinance with Dr. Jesus Lara, as well as comprehensively examined the Frameworks as set out by the Ohio State Planning Department. Within this booklet is the research, analysis, and recommendations set forth in regards to the Academic Core North. This is a look into the heart of what has made Ohio State excel in its purstuits.
City and Regional Planning
CRP 3200