Yes, And...

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    Render of Interior Space
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Jordan Scheuermann (designer)
Sarah Hirschman (studio professor)
Spring 2018
This was a student project by Jordan Scheuermann for Sarah Hirschman's course ARCH 3420 in Spring 2018.
Set in the year 3530 on the fictional, man-made moon of Earth, Momus, a mining outpost turned refueling depot and rest stop this project employs the ideas of “Yes, and…” improvisational thinking to create space that constantly accepts and responds to external conditions. In “Yes, and” thinking a participant in improvisational comedy should always accept what another participant has stated and expand on that line of thinking or create a new situation. In this project, a house of worship on Momus, the design employs this concept by making spaces that are able to adapt to changing program by rotating and changing orientation. For example, a community worship space is able to rotate 180° to become individual worship spaces when the need arises. In this way, the building is able to accept the constant flux of program inherent to a house of worship and respond appropriately.
ARCH 3420
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