Pattern and Ornament Installation

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    View of Installation - Panorama
Related people
Faris Ahmed (designer)
Colin D'Emilio (designer)
Chloe Egbert (designer)
Savannah Gabram (designer)
Ben Hatwood (designer)
Emoree Heiselt (designer)
Aidan Reinke (designer)
Rachel Seifert (designer)
Taylor Smith (designer)
Stephany Stumphauser (designer)
Simeng Yang (designer)
Jane Murphy (studio professor)
Spring 2018
This was a student project by Faris Ahmed, Colin D'Emilio, Chloe Egbert, Savannah Gabram, Ben Hatwood, Emoree Heiselt, Zachary Polen, Aidan Reinke, Rachel Seifert, Taylor Smith, Stephany Stumphauser, and Simeng Yang (the entire class) for Jane Murphy's courses ARCH 3420 and ARCH 4420 in Spring 2018.
The pattern is a progression from minimal to maximal geometric shapes as one moves up the ramp. Two different patterns in one-foot squares are tiled in a checkerboard throughout. Certain shapes are removed to create the progression until the material is totally perforated. We chose geometric shapes to be read strongly both in shadows that fall and in views through the glass.
Custom-sized chip board screens were laser cut to fit between the mullions. Glazed with multiple layers of cellophane, they are held in place with friction fit wooden frames. The total budget was $1200.
Supporting Details
The renderings depict the space from 10AM to 4PM and expand the range of the installation vertically. This allows the shadows and color to reach the concrete piers. The renderings provided material for a chalk drawing on one concrete pier.
Faris Ahmed; Rachel Seifert; Taylor Smith; Stephany Stumphauser
Colin D’Emilio; Ben Haywood; Emoree Heiselt; Zach Polen; Aidan Reinke
Chloe Egbert; Savannah Gabram; Simeng Yang
ARCH 3420 ;ARCH 4420
Academic Class