US Embassy, Mexico City

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Rhoda Du (designer)
Justin Diles (studio professor)
Autumn 2017
North and Central America->Mexico->Distrito Federal->Mexico City
This was a student project by Rhoda Du for Justin Diles' course ARCH 4410 in Autumn 2017.
"Appearing strong and aggressive at the first glaze, there is a sense of insecurity and sensibility within the shell. The complexity came from the layers of structures, representing the bureaucratic reality of politic world. The express of structure also register on the exterior.
The anxiety of being an icon simply because of its size was shown through its uncomfortable ground condition and its tension between floors and enclosure. Almost immediately after entering, whether by foot or by vehicle, the next step is to move vertically to the tower, as if there is a force pulling the users out of the ground context. Another example is the floors are pushing toward the outside as if they wants to break through the serene and silent edges that the curtain wall enclosed.
It is about screaming out the but afraid to have the words out, expressing but have to hold back, the strength and the vulnerable being seen or hiding. It is the debate, the election, and the social order."
ARCH 4410
Academic Class