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Caroline Proffit (designer)
Curtis Roth (studio professor)
Autumn 2017
North and Central America->Mexico->Distrito Federal->Mexico City
This was a student project by Caroline Proffit for Curtis Roth's course ARCH 4410 in Autumn 2017.
" “Transitions” challenges the modern design of a U.S. embassy where multiple buildings are situated along a site, each with a distinct program and accessibility. By introducing two systems into the design, the embassy takes on a complex spatial relationship that works to merge spaces and blur the boundary between what is public and what is private. Each system holds multiple functions and each has the ability to alter depending on their location, relationship to one another, and their program demands. The gray system which snakes through the site, works to hold the white volumes together that are clustered in groups according to similarities in program. With the absence of traditional floor plates, the white volumes depend on the gray system to expand and contract to create sectional difference. Thin metal panels clad the gray volumes and allow light and visibility into the spaces and have the ability to open and close depending on the interior program and relationship to the adjoining spaces. The design can be seen as a civic gesture. The two systems work together to create an open yet secure embassy that invites visitors to enjoy the space and experience a relationship with the more private aspects of the embassy."
ARCH 4410
Academic Class