In Praise of Limestone

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    Fall Plan
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Rosalie Starenko (designer)
Katherine Jenkins (studio professor)
Jacob Boswell (studio professor)
Autumn 2017
This was a student project by Rosalie Starenko for Katherine Jenkins and Jake Boswell's course LARCH 6910 in Autumn 2017.
This project speaks to limestone as a fundamental part of urban environments and how we may not always notice the subtleties in its roles.The primary concept is an indulgence in the revelation of limestone and urban plantings through the peeling away of the existing layers of asphalt. What this shows is that nothing there is truly natural; that the limestone base, or foundation, is the result of a hyper-constructed built environment. In the site, a previous parking lot on Broad Street in downtown Columbus, limestone is exposed in the form of a curved pathway, textured gravel, and large cracks through which "spontaneous" urban plants will grow in a bold and layered design. Because limestone comprises so much of our urban spaces it can be seen as responsible for not only the plant ecologies that exist in cities like Columbus, but the bare-bones infrastructure as well .
Landscape Architecture
LARCH 6910
Academic Class