Jesse Owen's North Recreational Center

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Jingyuan Wu (designer)
Stephen Turk (studio professor)
Autumn 2017
North and Central America->United States->Ohio->Franklin (county)->Columbus
This was a student project by Jingyuan Wu for Stephen Turk's course ARCH 3410 in Autumn 2017.
The Jesse Owen Recreational Center is located at the cross of Neil Ave. and Lane Ave. It acts towards a gateway for Ohio State University’s Campus. The main theme of the building is to register the sidedness by the objectify the urban facade (additive) while remain a more void like facade (subtractive) towards the campus. It also devote into making circulation through spaces act as sequences of moments by designed views and perceptual compression and expansion.
Each program is laid out as boxes and later substitute by primitive shapes that can best create an effect for specific spaces. Then the Primitives are merged together to form a object. The object is then subtracted from a perfect cube to give the void moments.
Both objective solid and voided solid are cut into 8 pieces. The final “cube” is reassembled using the 16 pieces as sources. Two “object” piece are selected on the right urban edge to act as marker for campus gate. Campus facade are all “void” piece on the left to create a screen like effect as people doing exercises on TV.
The cubic modules of the final assembly are shifted to create two streets that cut directly through the building. Those streets enhances the idea of TV screen as the spaces inside are shown as shop fronts when people are walking on the streets.
The service and servant spaces like offices and staircases are hosted in the poche. The staircase, however, also serve as a link between spaces and give a chance for foresee. When people are at major programmed spaces, they are expose to the outside as figures on the screen. Only when people are at the thresholds from on space to another, they get a chance to see the next, or other spaces that they didn’t notice before.
ARCH 3410
Academic Class