The Stanley Thompson Retreat

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    Diagram of Fragments
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David Johnson (designer)
Ndede Misumi (studio professor)
Autumn 2017
This was a student project by David Johnson for Ndede Misumi's course ARCH 2410 in Autumn 2017.
The Stanley Thompson Retreat House was designed to break the observer out of an orthogonal grid layout, frame specific views of the Chattahoochee Nation Forest to the east, and to provide moments of isolation both inside and outside the house. This was achieved by combining the structural organization of the Ventura House by Tatiana Bilbao, and fragments from the Element House by MOS Architects. The combination of these two projects allowed for the house to have a bent grid that caused the house to unfold before the observer, with fragments inserted at specific points to frame views of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Finally moments of isolation were created both inside and outside of the house through the use of tiered rooms and landscape levels, small niches, and isolated spaces.
ARCH 2410
Academic Class