[Fake] Fake Estates: Reconsidering Gordon Matta-Clark's Fake Estates

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Jonathan Meister (was created by)
Martin Hogue (landscape architect)
January 15, 2007 - February 9, 2007
This exhibition titled "[Fake] Fake Estates: Reconsidering Gordon Matta-Clark's Fake Estates" was located in the Banvard Gallery on the main level of Knowlton Hall from January 15 through February 9, 2007. Martin Hogue, Assistant Professor at Syracuse University, spent several months systematically canvassing Queens, New York, for residual properties similar to the 14 parcels purchased there and documented by Matta-Clark in 1975. Hogue's exhibition includes drawings, collages and photographs that challenge the conception of the value and purpose of land, revealing the potential of "real" sites, even so-called small and unusable ones like an 1/8-inch x 110-foot property.
2000s (2000 - 2009)
photograph (material)