Yugoslav Cafe, Central Serbia

10/15/1995 (creation)
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Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade (was created by)
This image depicts various views of a cafe designed and built by the Serbian architect Boze Petrovic. It is located in central Serbia, near his hometown. Shown are two floor plans, the architect's notes detailing his aesthetic approach towards executing the project, and a photo of the cafe in use. The furnishings are a mix of both traditional Serbian and Yugoslav Partizan decor, such as the two photographs in the background honoring two Partizan heroes from the Republic_access of Serbia, when it was a part of the old Socialist Federal Republic_access of Yugoslavia from 1963 to 1991. Submitted by Rastko Ruzic for the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade.
Pantelic, N. and Petrovic, Z. (1986). Graditeljsko nasledje i podsticaj. Belgrade: Radisa Timotic for the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade