Wraxall Manor, Wraxall, Bristol, England

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Hubert C. Schmidt (designer)
This was a sketch by Hubert Schmidt from his travels with the Edward L. Ryerson traveling fellowship. Hubert Schmidt (b. November 21, 1913, d. April 22, 2003) was originally from Cleveland, Ohio. During World War II, Schmidt served in the Army Corps. He earned a BS in Landscape Architecture from the Ohio State University in 1938. In 1938 he also received a $1,200 Edward L. Ryerson traveling fellowship enabling him to spend one year in Europe studying historical and modern architecture and landscape architecture. After graduation Hubert Schmidt returned to Cleveland to work for the Cleveland Metropolitan Park system in addition to various private firms. In 1946 he worked under A.D. Taylor, who was the Ohio State University Architect and a nonresident professor. Schmidt moved to San Francisco in 1951 and was San Francisco's only landscape architect at the time. Hubert Schmidt's work was donated to the Ohio State University by his wife, Virginia. Hubert and Virginia Schmidt met at the Ohio State University.
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