Worthington, Ohio

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    View of Southeast quadrant of the Worthington Village Green - Platted in 1804, each quadrant measures approximately 100 feet by 300 feet. The green is significant as a vestige of New England town planning transplanted to Ohio. It hosts summer band concerts and arts festivals today. St. John's Episcopal Church and Cemetery located to the right
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In 1803, Worthington, Ohio was settled by a group of families from the Farmington River Valley from Connecticut and Massachusetts. The village was designed as a New England village in the form of a village green with 164 spacious town lots for homes of businesses and craftsmen surrounded by farm lots. The predominate architecture of old Worthington represents the early nineteenth century.
Modern Worthington maintains its New England character. The population of Worthington Ohio is approx. 15,100 residents.
St. John's Episcopal Church and Cemetery (700 North High street) is the original building on the lot granted for church use by the founding settlers in 1803. This building was erected between 1827 and 1831. Historically, the church is significant as the organizational and spiritual focus of the original settlers. Nationally, it represents the first Episcopal congregation west of the Allegheny Mountains - http://www.worthington.org/

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19th Century (1800 - 1899 CE)