Wiseman Hall

  • Date
    8/15/1992 (creation)
Related person
Baker and Coombs of Ohio Inc. (architect)
Bruce K. Wiseman Hall is shown here as Herrick Archives Building 157. The building is located at 400 West 12th Avenue on The Ohio State University campus, and was originally known as the Health Center Research Laboratories or Animal Research Facility, College of Medicine. Wiseman Hall has been enlarged twice. The original plans and related documents were prepared by Dan A. Carmichael, and the general contractor was C.C. Vogel. Construction was completed in early 1960. A first addition was designed by the same architect and completed by Baker and Coombs of Ohio, Inc., in 1968. A vertical expansion at the south end of the building was completed in 1980, with The Setterlin Company as the general contractor. This addition is known as The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, and is carried as a separate building (formerly Building 500, changed to Building 363).
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