Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England

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    7/15/1999 (creation)
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John P. Schooley Jr. (was created by)
Town settled in 1919
Ebeneezer Howard, a British city planner, published his first book "Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform" in 1898. A surge in The Garden City movement evolved following the second edition of his book, which he renamed "Garden Cities of Tomorrow" published in 1902. Practical demonstrations of the idea were attempted at Letchworth, 30 miles from London in 1903, and Welwyn Garden City (also known as WGC), 20 miles from London in 1919. Both depended solely on private capital, with investors accepting a 5-per-cent limitation on dividends. All surpluses above this were to be directed back "for the benefit of the community." This image was taken in 1969 by John Schooley, FAIA, during an Urban America tour. Urban America tours allowed architects and planners to visit New Towns and meet professionals involved in their planning and continued development. Keywords: United Kingdom, England, Britain, Hertfordshire County, Welwyn Garden City, garden city, new town, settlements, towns, kiosk, green space. Submitted by John Schooley, FAIA.
1910s (1910 - 1919)